Friday, January 6, 2012


I know that my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. I know I'm made in the image of God. Even with these facts, I still struggle with my image.

I weigh 116, I'm about 5 feet tall, my shirts are small, and my pants are a 3-5. Even with these facts I struggle with my image.

My sister is now a size zero. She came down from a 5 because she wasn't happy with her weight. My dad encouraged her to shed the pounds if she wasn't happy about the way she looked.

It's taken me years to accept and be happy with my curves and weight. When I told my sister my size tonight and continued to tell her I was happy she laughed and asked "why? you could be a zero."

Do I want to be a zero? WITH ALL MY HEART. I wake up every morning and make myself eat, I can easily slip back into my anerexic 95 pound days.

So now I'm trying to stay focused on what the word of God says about me. Not my family, or friends, or media. So could I be a zero? Yes. Would it be done in a healthy way? No.

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